How Los Angeles Is Changing the Way Men Dress

How Los Angeles Is Changing the Way Men Dress-211-babinkathy

ONCE UPON A TIME, men’s style in Los Angeles was laughable. Think loud, logo-driven and larded-up with more skulls than a pirate cruise. Remember the jeans with back-pocket stitching visible from a block away? What about the faux-vintage concert T-shirts? The flaming eyeball Von Dutch trucker caps? I’m sure Ashton Kutcher wishes he could forget. […]

The Most Comfortable Pants for the Office

The Most Comfortable Pants for the Office-207-babinkathy

It is Monday morning. Women everywhere stare blankly into the closet wishing they could put their weekend yoga pants back on. Now they are one step closer. Retailers, designers and manufacturers of workday clothing brands are listening to women who want outfits that don’t require changing when home from the office and headed to the […]

a better investment than stocks and shares

a better investment than stocks and shares-205-babinkathy

a better investment than stocks and shares Name: The Birkin bag. Age: 35 years old if you got one while it was hot. Appearance: Beclasped, clutchable, sort of like other handbags, really. Birkin bag? What’s all this about? Are you being unnecessarily rude about the woman who sang Je T’Aime Moi Non Plus? Not at […]

The challenger

The challenger-203-babinkathy

To come so far yet having to go for the final hurdle is a tad frustrating for Suket Dhir. But the in the news designer, who emerged triumphant in the finale at Dubai six months ago, knows how to swim against the tide. “I am keeping my fingers crossed. The challenge was to give a […]

Hollywood stars ooze glamour

Hollywood stars ooze glamour-200-babinkathy

Hollywood stars ooze glamour, and attitude, on Golden Globes red carpet Hollywood’s top stars oozed glamour on Sunday as they hit the Golden Globes red carpet in plenty of bling and sequins – and with lots of attitude. Gina Rodriguez, who won a Globe last year for best actress in a comedy series for Jane […]

Hidden sugars: the warning

Hidden sugars: the warning-194-babinkathy

I have often wondered how sugar has managed to keep a low profile for so long. Whilst fat has been the enemy for decades, sugar is being increasingly cited as a culprit. The backlash against sugar is gathering quite a pace now as the sugar levels in familiar foods are being highlighted in the press. […]

the wedding would be a wash out

the wedding would be a wash out-189-babinkathy

Selby couple tie the knot despite worries the wedding would be a wash out Lucy Emmott from Selby, North Yorkshire, married ‘the love of her life’ Pete Nickson at Yorkshire’s Selby Abbey today, in spite of all the obstacles. The flooded River Ouse lies just 100 yards from the abbey and meant that two of […]