m y s p a c e m u s e

Gracias a WhoWhatWear por haberme elegido como una de las musas de Myspace! Para ver todo el artículo, click aquí.

Thanks to WhowWhatWear to choose me like one of the Myspace Muses! To see all, click here.

Merci á toute l’equipe de WhoWhatWear de m’avoir choisi comme l’une de vos Myspace Muses! Pour tout voir, cliquez ici.

24 thoughts on “m y s p a c e m u s e

  1. Hi! Thanks for your king email!

    Took a look at your blog and I think it would be even better if all your pictures had the same size (width), would give a more balanced impression. Carry on with your thing :)

  2. Hi from Paris Silvia !
    Thank you so much for your nice comment for Easy Fashion Paris.
    I like all these old pictures of paris you took to illustrate your BarTabac !
    Et tu parles toutes les langues bravo !
    You have a great look on this picture of WWW.
    Congrats for your blog

    Fred the Mole

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