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IMG_0110Whenever I buy party pieces I always try and buy things that can be worn on a daily basis. Today I am wearing a silk shirt and shorts with strass which would be perfect for a special occasion but I have managed to dress them down so that they are suitable for day-to-day. Both pieces are from Suiteblanco’s “Night Collection”. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s New In post, which may be serve useful as inspiration for your Christmas shopping. Lots of love! 

Siempre digo que cuando me compro prendas de fiesta intento que se puedan adaptar al dia a día. Hoy por ejemplo llevo camisa de seda y shorts con strass que con taconazos y un clutch serian perfectos para una ocasion especial, aunque yo los he versionado para el dia a día. Los dos son de la colección “Night Collection” de Suiteblanco. Y quería contaros que para mañana he preparado un post especial New In, asi a la vez os sirve para coger ideas para los regalillos. Muchos besos!


Photos: P. Soury

Shirt: Suiteblanco, HERE / Shorts: Suiteblanco, HERE / Perfecto jacket: Mango / Boots: Zara / Bag: Chanel / Necklace: Agatha


43 thoughts on “day & night

  1. I love the look… is so chic….. the lovely white silk shirt, wonderful patterned shorts and the matte black tights…, .. … I have worn shorts or big shirts and sweaters with tights on campus all fall…… obviously we both are very comfortable in tights …I grew up at home (long and complicated story….mom encouraged me to embrace my feminine side…..) pretty much dressing like you in the pic…. love those heels too….. not that brave yet
    … you certainly make a beautiful statement….. and you are so very pretty…… have beautiful hair too……
    I grew up in tights, being in ballet for 13 years. In fact, mom raised me rather androgynously, so I also wore tights under big sweaters and hip length tunics and such around the house growing up. Your lovely look reminds me of all those days….epsecially when the delivery man would come and I’d meet him at the door and he’s refer to me as Miss……
    Oh, by the way, I’m a guy…and I love fashion as much as I love dance.
    I traveled in Europe this past fall,
    It looks like you have the same affinity for tights as I have…..
    I’ve been raving to my new friends about how much I love the tights/shorts look, so they encouraged me to try it myself…
    and I have in a big way,….. denim cutoffs, high waisted shorts, even a romper…….
    I will following your blog religiously….. thanks for sharing your lovely taste and your beauty

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  3. Buenos días! Espectacular como siempre y con ese estilazo tan particular que te diferencia tanto del resto… por favor, podrías decirme cual es el maquillaje que utilizas? me encanta el tono. un beso y gracias

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