coat & bag – checosa?

Estas son dos de mis compras rebajiles… Tenía muchas ganas de un abrigo de corte masculino y este me encantó. Además, quedaba de miedo con el bolso que compré antes en Uterqüe. Ya lo había visto en grande y este más pequeñito me pareció perfecto. Es de fieltro y me gusta mucho el toque casual que da ese material con pintitas de colores… ¿Qué os parece? ¿me compráis vuestras compras?


These are two of my purchases on sales… I really wanted a masculine coat and i really love this one. Furthermore, the mis with that Uterqüe´s bag is fantastic. What about your purchases?


Questi sono due dei miei asquisiti… Volevo una mano di taglio maschile e queata mi è piaciuta tanto. Anche perché mi sembra perfetta con la borsa che ho comprato in Uterqüe. Mi sentivo il tocco casuale che dà il colore del materiale. Cosa pensi? 🙂






Tanti baci a tuuuuuuutti!!!!!!!! ¡Contadme cositas! 

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16 comentarios en “coat & bag – checosa?

  1. Pues me encantan las dos cosas la verdad.
    El bolso es divino y el abrigo también.
    Yo no los había visto a ninguno de los dos.
    Buena semana!

  2. Que mono el bolso. Lo vi la semana pasada. Es como el fieltro que usan los pintores para proteger el suelo!
    Tu divina como siempre…

  3. ese abrigo ya lo había fichado yo durante la temporada, pero no lo vi en rebajas… este año poca cosa, el fin de carrera absorbe todo mi tiempo. Las compras que hice fueron más bien pensando en poder aprovecharlas para el buen tiempo 🙂

  4. Me gusta el abrigo y el bolso.Buenos fichajes,je,je,je, no se italiano, pero molto baci pa ti también ja,ja,ja

  5. Qué chulada de abrigo!!! El bolsito ya no me gusta tanto!!
    Que te contemos algo? Pues que te pases IPSO FACTO por mi blog para que te entre la imperiosa necesidad de comprarte el clon de los tenis de Olivia Palermo por 40€!
    Te gusta lo que te cuento? Jijiji Pues ya sabes!

    Kisses! 

  6. Guapísima!! Hoy he ido yo a arrasar. Un vestido, una chaqueta, unos zapatos, unas gafas y un collar. jijiji. Por cierto, ¿Qué ha pasado con tu entrada? ¿Qué es eso de “me copráis vuestras compras? ;P

  7. Welcome back, Sarah!!Sounds like what you need most is not A THING but A THINKING. (Err did I just write that? Well bear with while I explain. I’ve lnreead a LOT about this topic the hard way, with my chronic until-last-week-undiagnosed illness. Maybe what I’ve lnreead can help you I don’t cave under pressure not exactly, anyway. What I do is rebel. The moment I tell myself I have to do something, well you can be sure it won’t get done. But that’s something that I can change, my way of thinking. First, I quit doing client work. Clients were beyond my control as they should be. They created external requirements that were really requirements, and not on my time table either, and I almost never felt good doing work for clients that’s my personal hangup, though, so perhaps it’s only useful to you as a metaphor. (Which obligations make you feel yanked around?)Second, I stopped telling myself I have to Whenever I catch myself saying, I’ve gotta, I need to, I have to, I ought to, I stop and remind myself that I don’t actually HAVE to do anything. It’s all optional. That’s a choice I can make. There may be consequences but if I don’t, say, do a new Freckle screencast, how bad could it be? If I am a bit late with customer support emails because I feel so bad I can’t look at the screen how much will it really hurt me? (I don’t like skipping out on email but sometimes I just can’t handle it.)Turns out that there’s a lot you can skip, or delay, without anything disastrous going wrong. So, Thirdly, I always ask myself, What’s the worst that could REALLY happen? and it’s never too terrible, so then I relax, and I can do it (when I am able to) without using guilt to pressure myself. I think those of us who tend to think we have to do everything (or do everything right, or do everything right on time) suffer from a nameless dread. I HAVE TO DO IT. IT HAS TO BE DONE. OR OR OR or what? Well, it sounds morbid, but imagining the worst possible outcome is pretty cathartic. You have to have a pretty good imagination to come to the conclusion that not answering your customer’s email today will end up with you living on the street, making your children perform tricks for their supper. So naming the nameless dread makes it clear that it’s really unlikely, and therefore much less scary. Lastly, I’ve stripped what I do down to the bare bones. Some days I feel fine, other days I can barely get out of bed. This is a tricky situation when you’re used to being the engine that makes your business go. Who’s doing the marketing?! Who’s dreaming up new features?! Who’s planning the next huge thing?! Well, right now nobody. Case in point: I spent months trying to work on the visual designs for our next software product, Charm, and I got almost nowhere. All the stress and worry and anxiety and telling myself I can do it… they didn’t do jack shit. In the end, I still have only a handful of designs worth a damn. My brain is too sick & tired to do its best, so I’ve started to listen to it. Charm is not on hold, but the great design is. Thanks to my husband, it’ll still launch soon-ish, but the user experience won’t be anywhere near as great as it could have been. But what’s the worst that could happen? People see it, hate me, and vow to hunt me down? Doubt it.So in short, I:1. Changed my work / environment so I didn’t feel yanked around, so I did feel in control2. Stopped giving my willful side a reason to rebel, and got real about what I had to do 3. Explored the nameless dread! Turns out it doesn’t like it when you open the closet door and shine a light on it.4. Listened to my body/feelings and begun to admit to myself that I can only do what I can do, and no more by definition And somewhere in there I’ve actually told people when I felt bad and couldn’t do stuff, and started saying no to things that I would have said yes to before. (Which is a form of denial, ha.) And canceling when I had to cancel for my own sanity/health. Turns out, when you’re honest with people about your limits, they’re friendly and supportive. Whoddathunk.Woo, that was a lot. Hope there’s something in this giant monologue that’s helpful to you Hugs, Amy

  8. What is working for me at the meonmt is having my project manager* (giant asterisk there because he can’t spell) check my emails and let me know when something important is there. Once a day, or by calling my batline if it’s super important. All clients use the project management workspace, so I’m in there all day long to brainstorm with them, and I don’t consider that email. That’s just me being in the space with them, and I can switch in and out of projects without getting distracted by random non-client emails. And then for stuff like inquiries or stuff I need to respond to, I have the compose email page bookmarked in my browser so I can just compose the reply to the email, the gist of which he reads to me in a nice voice, without me actually seeing my inbox, which was becoming an adrenaline trigger like picking an old scab and never letting it heal. This is my current way of coping. It may not be the best way. But it is what I need to do for myself right now to protect the goose. I notice by doing things in this way that many emails don’t actually require a response. Many emails would be better addressed in a conversation, which I enjoy having. Many emails could be preempted by the right content which requires me to get more space away from email so I can get clarity on what that content (or offer, or whatever) would look like. Even fewer emails require an immediate response. The time spent in between often provides clarity. So when the response is sent, it is carefully considered. It’s had time to percolate. And it’s briefer than it was before when my email was constantly open. It doesn’t feel like a vacation without email, but I’m definitely more focused than I was before. And focus, I think, is the best gift I can give myself and my clients.

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