A r t i f i c i o

A  r  t  i  f  i  c  i  o-2675-ostyle

Artificio is an independent fashion brand from Costa Rica whose owner Andrea Soto creates and design each one of her pieces. The typical colors of her native land drench pants, blouses, petticoats and accessories giving to every garment an original style full of tropical air.   You’ll find refreshing pieces and so much color at http://www.artificio.cr.com/ […]


A  Q  U  A  M  A  R  I  N  E-2676-ostyle

If you like feeling girly there’s a dress to suit every shape. For this spring I have several floral dresses in my closet and some of them are vintage. Now they are a main theme in the different designer collections. I love specially vintage dresses because just adding a wide belt is enough to make them […]

The military jacket

The military jacket-2678-ostyle

      How to keep smart on the top and casual on the bottom.  I do love denim for daytime so if I wear something like a simple jeans and a T-shirt  to look smarter, I might pair  it with  a blazer on the top (in this case I got a military jacket). And to add a hint of […]



  Skirts, shorts, jackets, tops, dresses,pants…Leather is in everywhere. You won’t be able to escape from it for months. There are different ways to wear this trend, my suggestion for a casual look is wear it with an oversize knitted fabric.For the evening just changing the top and the boots for something more formal like a black coat and  a pair of […]