Y a c h t i n g

Y   a    c   h   t   i   n   g-2634-ostyle

  ( Dress/Vestido: MD, Knitting/Chaqueta  punto: Elogy, Shadows/Gafas: Ray Ban  // HE- Pullover/Jersey: Zara, Shirt/Camisa, Shorts: ágva , Shadows/Gafas: Ray Ban )

H e a v e n

H   e   a   v   e   n-2636-ostyle

The jumpsuit can be one of the most versatile items in your closet and  adding a belt or several necklaces is the perfect way to help break up the look. I found this one here and I love it! /  Una de las prendas más versátiles que puedes tener en tu armario es el mono. El que llevo podéis encontrarlo pinchando aquí .  […]

E t h n i c i t y

E   t   h   n   i   c   i   t   y-2638-ostyle

Depending on how you wear animal print, it can be a fashion disaster or kindly pleasing. Even though it seems as if animal print comes in and out of style it is always in and glamorous. Find out how to wear it right, and what to wear it with, weather you’re a classic kind of […]