S o m e w h e r e

S   o   m   e   w   h   e   r   e-2625-ostyle

    (  Dress/Vestido: H&M; S/S 2010, Leather/Cazadora: bespoke/hecho a la medida, Shoes/Zapatos: Zara S/S 2010  )   Thanks to all my readers!/ Gracias por todos vuestros comentarios!

C a m e l

C   a   m   e   l-2630-ostyle

The new color trend for this Fall-Winter is camel. At first this color can be tricky of wering but mathing it with black or white never fails and also with bright colors like red, blue or purple are perfect to contrast with. Show camel-colored pieces off with gold and sofisticated jewels. QUEEN’S WARDROBE  the online shop has the new […]