a g v a m a n

a   g   v   a   m   a   n-2607-ostyle

O alfaite lisboeta   Total look : agva Not everyone has the ability of capturing through a camera the real essence of style and to reveal the personality of those who are photographed.  O alfaiate lisboeta has both elements . Check out this personal web if you want to drench yourself with the coolest and the most exquisite ways of dressing.

7 0 ‘ s

7   0   '   s-2608-ostyle

    Tee/Camiseta: a bicyclette, Hat/Sombrero: Uterque (new season)     Recently I discovered the new brand called a bicyclette, where you can find simple but interesting pieces like this sexy tee I am wearing. Don’t forget to take a look into this beatiful site.

P a r a d i s e

P   a   r   a   d   i   s   e-2611-ostyle

  (   Dress/Vestido: Zara (old), Blazer: QUEEN’S WARDROBE, Wedges/Cuñas: Zara   )   Thank u guys for  each one of your comments and once again sorry because I have no time to answer them back/ De nuevo os doy las gracias por todos los comentarios recibidos y siento no poder responderos.