Did I mention zebra?

Did I mention zebra?-73-mercedesmaya

It’s the second time I wear a zebra print outfit in the past 2 weeks hehe but I am lately quite obsessed with this print. You could see me some weeks ago wearing a Zebra coat and now is time for zebra pants! I got them quite a time a go, but they arrived to […]



I have just returned from home and here I am back to freezing Bologna, nooo!! I had a wonderful stay at Barcelona but as usual it was too short!! These were the first pics taken at Barcelona, as you can see the weather was good enought to wear bared feet 🙂 I decided to combine […]



Quick post from Barcelona wearing a punk look which I adore heheheh. I am wearing my new Fashion Union Midi plaid dress. I am loving so much midi dresses!! Before I never used to wear them as I thought they made my legs look like fat hahahah but it is not really true, and I […]



Let’s start the week with positive energy and some sunny pics from this weekend!! A nice and warm outfit for a cold walk around Bolonia’s center looking for Christmas presents heheh looove it!! Can you still notice a little bit of tan on my face?? Hopeee sooo!! Maldivian posts are not still finished so be […]