White Chapel

White Chapel-129-mercedesmaya

Good morning!! I am full of energy today showing you these pics taken at my sweet Barcelona 🙂 Actually these pics were taken at Caldetas were I go for summer, there’s a small chapel that remind’s me of greek chapels. It is a small corner on the way down to the village all white, in […]

Barcelona diary ;)

Barcelona diary ;)-146-mercedesmaya

Yeahh my first post from Barcelona 🙂 soo happyyy to be finally here!! However I am still working, everything’s not possible.. And here I go with my new leopard print blouse from Rowme (I will show you some new offers at the end of my post) which you can find here, I must confess that […]

Bucolic green

Bucolic green-200-mercedesmaya

Bucolic green is the tittle for this post, as it could not be better, regarding the environment and the lovely dress I was wearing thanks to  Msdressy. I just fell in love with this dress when I saw it worn by a celebrity in some Hollywood awards. And now here I have it, that’s awesome […]