Draper dress

Draper dress-46-mercedesmaya

Sunday post!!! Here I come with a second post from Barcelona! And with some bad news…remember I was going crazy about my camera lense?? I have taken it to Sony and they have to repair it,,, tha’ts ok but.. it will take at least 25 days!! OMG!!! What kind of pics will I do for […]

Special Day

Special Day-63-mercedesmaya

Officialy last day of Christmas for me, as today (at least in Spain) it’s The 3 King’s day, when we all receive presents during the night left by the 3 kings who came to each of our houses with their camel, so in the morning we can all open our gifts 🙂 What did I […]

Flower rock

Flower rock-163-mercedesmaya

Today I am melting in front of my computer while I write my post… Incredible how Bologna is freezing cold during winter time and soooo hot (37C) in this season… bufff Now it’s the time for short dresses, and skirts, just my thing 🙂 Yesterday to go for an aperitivo with some friends I decided […]