I was waiting for this trousers since July!! I must say that the Italian post (exactly custom duties) takes soooo long!! OMG, have you italian bloggers noticed it??? My orders arrive to Milan ok but then they spend at least 10 days there in custom duties… Aarrrg!! However, finally I managed to have this super […]



These are some amazing pics (in my opinion) of a beautiful two piece ensemble which I love due to its futuristic design, it makes me feel I am dress for a space mission hehehe thanks so much to  VJstyle!! Soon I will show you also a very special item from  VJstyle.. 🙂 clue: miauuuu Today I come […]

The bag detail

The bag detail-145-mercedesmaya

Today, a quick post to show you a simple look but with a twist thanks to the bag! In summer I love to go all in white, I feel very fresh and clean but to add a personal touch I tend to point on accesories like this super original handbag in red and snake print […]

Lovely tuscany!

Lovely tuscany!-240-mercedesmaya

Good morning everyone!! What an exhausting weekend, and I wanted so much to relax… Friday we arrived at 2 a.m to Rome, Saturday morning working all day at the Hilton Hotel, leaving at 6pm for Tuscany, for a supper with friends, and Sunday morning going to Bolonia, but on our way back home we stopped […]