Pics from Malta

Pics from Malta-86-mercedesmaya

Hey! Today I come with some pics from Malta which I wanted to show you a long time ago, but did not have time!! Kisses from Maldive!! xxx Eiii! Hoy vengo con un post con fotos de Malta que os quise ensenar hace ya un tiempo, pero no tuve mucho tiempo para hacerlo! Besos desde […]

Aeon: a new concept

Aeon: a new concept-116-mercedesmaya

Are you bored of wearing the same jeans? Will you like to match them to your shoes, to a special occasion, to the way you feel??  Aeon  has created a never-before seen accessory called the AEON Taper, a bracelet for your ankle that can be worn alone or it can be used to get that slim […]

Riding Horse

Riding Horse-132-mercedesmaya

This week is my last week of holidays so I am just on the countdown… taking advantage of each sun ray, of each bath…. 🙁 As I am still on the beach, my looks tend to be simple and comfortable like this one. I took my sister’s skirt hehe and combined it with my new […]

Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon-287-mercedesmaya

Hi there! Today I am writing a quick post about some pictures from my trip to Peru i didn’t show you yet. I remembered about them because yesterday I wore the same look, as it is starting to be a bit cold right now… I love the pictures with the eagle and my frightened face […]