Yesterday afterwork I went out with my sister to Cup and cake for some cupcakes. As you already may know I love eating sweet food, so my Oreo Cupcake made my day!! 🙂 I was wearing a really comfortable and easy outfit. At a first glance it seems pretty simple however if you take a […]

Kimono & Muffins

Kimono & Muffins-449-mercedesmaya

A usual sunday: Kimono, Frida’s walk, newspaper or mags and cupcakesbarcelona!!! Continuing with the japanese theme I recommend Yukio Mishima  and it’s tetralogy “The Sea of ​​Fertility”. Not only Murakami exists but “Tokio blues”  (movie included) is a must.  And the thing is that Mishima is also a catalan rock band. Today I will get […]