The Midnite Blues x Foolard

The Midnite Blues x Foolard-82-mercedesmaya

Good morning!! Since a long time I wanted to show you this special project we did with our friends from Foolard. As you may already know we have always loved Foolard, since the beginning, so when we received the proposal to jointly collaborate with them to model their new Feel the Night Foolards, we were […]

La Sombra Del Ciprés Es Alargada

La Sombra Del Ciprés Es Alargada-420-mercedesmaya

This years it’s getting to its end and soon 2012 will start! I can’t understand how quickly time goes by! This 2011 has ment the end of my college days and a new working life but my balance is always positive: new friendships, expririences, my Frida, new goals,… As this month last weeks I will […]