Accept more judge less!

Accept more judge less!-15-mercedesmaya

I once showed you a special T-shirt of She She Bon Bon with significant quotes.. here I come with another one, that’s really my favourite and one of my motos in life: Accept more and Judge less!! What can I say?? It’s true we all tend to judge, is natural, however personal life experience and […]



I’m back to Bologna after an express trip to Milano and have looots of work to do! I think this weekend will be quite relax shooting some outfits, having supper with friends and working a little bit! and let’s see if I got some time to go out for shopping because I did went 2 […]

Black Leather Skirt

Black Leather Skirt-128-mercedesmaya

Starting Monday full of energy after spending a relaxing weekend in the countryside before leaving to Malta on Wednesday for work and pleasure, can’t wait to see my friends there and recover a little bit my tan hehe Today I am showing you a super really nice PU black skirt which I was waiting for […]