DIY jeans love them!

DIY jeans love them!-225-mercedesmaya

Hi there!! Today I’m up with some pictures of last weekend at Barcelona. I was happy to waer my DIY jeans, which obviously I cannot wear in freezing Bolonia. Really love them, and you? hate it or take it? I decided to combine it with this white blazer, but I’m in the search for a […]

Merry Xmas!!!

Merry Xmas!!!-248-mercedesmaya

Finally this was the dress I decided to wear for Christmas eve! do you like it? I think Mango is really doing very weel on its new collection, I love all their pieces!! I was looking for this dress for a while until I finally found it the day befre xmas on the mannequin! I […]

Rosa rosae

Rosa rosae-268-mercedesmaya

Hi everyone! How are you doing?? I have been a little bit sick this weekend, however yesterday I felt better, and decided to go for a walk and breathe some fresh air! I nearly forgot I had this pink skirt! I bought it this summer in Peru, where they use it under their skirts to […]