These days all the tireness from all these months is making me feel a little bit down, I have been working so hard and in so many projects that I feel exhausted! My conclusion??? I need some vacations sooon!!!! Can’t wait to be in Caldetas (Spain) at the beach, sunbathing and thinking about nothing… 🙂 […]

Haute1 giveaway on my blog!

Haute1 giveaway on my blog!-194-mercedesmaya

Yes… As I told you in April we are having quite a lot of giveaways… how could I forget my international followrs??? we have to celebrate spring is already here and aslo that we are almost 1000 fans at Themidniteblues..sooo excited!! So here it goes… From today 8th April until the 21st we are holding […]

Original rings!

Original rings!-206-mercedesmaya

Hi there! Today were having another rainy morning in Bologna. So I just went surfing through the internet looking for nice things! After looking for some accesories I decided to make a quick post about ring.  I am actually more into accessories lately and I must confess I fell in love with the jewelry I […]