Last post from my stay in Barcelona, having the chance to wear bare legs 😉 This outfit is a very big mix of things (not all mine) which I adore. When I go back home I love to get some pieces from my mum or sister hehe we are lucky to wear the same sizes. […]

Khaki in Japan

Khaki in Japan-122-mercedesmaya

Goood morning from Bolonia, back to the working routine 🙂 I had a wonderful time in Malta these days, and can’t wait to show you all the pics, I am sure you will like them 🙂 Today I have some good news; first I finally got my parcel from Nowistyle Japan, first time I get […]

Paris (Part II)

Paris (Part II)-442-mercedesmaya

In Paris I had the time to go to some of the places you must visit before leaving Paris! I went to theTour Eiffel, and Sacre Coer. Once in Montmartre I had my profile done in a black paper, what I was willing for so long to do, as the last time in Paris I […]

Paris (Part I)

Paris (Part I)-443-mercedesmaya

Here you’ve got some pictures taken in Paris! I have enjoyed a whole week in this wonderful city. I must say that compare to Barcelona it was really cold!! Lucky me I was wearing my poncho/jacket with me!! Paris is a charming city, as you may know. I have enjoyed its cafes, monumental bridges, a […]