In fashion  a returning topic are flags. Specially the USA stars and stripes and the British Union Jack (even for decor!!). So with the years they’ve become a must in everyone’s closet. Here is mine! Moreover I must say these pics remind me a little bit of the Coen Brothers’ film Fargo (1996) because of […]

Vintage jumper

Vintage jumper-243-mercedesmaya

Hi everyone! Today some quick pics from my place at Bologna. Well it’s not really my place but the surroundings, because my home is too messy still to do some decent pictures hehehe Bologna counts with lots of different vintage markets, in which I spend most of my free time! Last day I bought this 80’s […]

Winter Animals

Winter Animals-251-mercedesmaya

Both trying to get adapted to this freakin’ cold weather.  What do you think about dogs wearing coats? In Bologna all of them have their on closet but the vet told me it was unecessary. The thing is that I’d never though about it while in barcelona, but  when it snows like this… What do […]