Star lovers

Star lovers-162-mercedesmaya

Finally Friday and it seems we can breath a little bit more today! I am showing you a very nice look with my new Star Lovers t-shirt from Maykool which is just perfect! I was doubting wether to take it in white or black, but finally I think that the black Star Lovers one with my super […]

Flower rock

Flower rock-163-mercedesmaya

Today I am melting in front of my computer while I write my post… Incredible how Bologna is freezing cold during winter time and soooo hot (37C) in this season… bufff Now it’s the time for short dresses, and skirts, just my thing 🙂 Yesterday to go for an aperitivo with some friends I decided […]

Lago di garda with my DIY shorts!

Lago di garda with my DIY shorts!-164-mercedesmaya

Another Monday has come, and I am full of energy after passing my weekend at Barcelona!! I went to the beach (yes finally I have some decent tan) saw my family, saw my friends, and relaxed… sooo happy!! And right now I’m just thinking of my next trip probably to south Italy. But for taday […]

June’s wishlist

June's wishlist-168-mercedesmaya

Today I am showing you my June’s wishlist.. this month I’m really intoo shopping (well… actually every month :s) I wish I had everything of this wishlist hehe… I have made a selection of pieces which I found at Persunmall, a brand which I  love! I have created some outfits for you, for this spring. […]