Black Saturday

Black Saturday-34-mercedesmaya

Black Saturday! Have you ever heard it?? I guess we are more used to Black Friday hehe but now is time for a Black Saturday.. as I normally cannot post the outfit I am wearing on the same day but that of the previous day.. that’s why I am a little bit delayed… I am […]

Zebra today

Zebra today-81-mercedesmaya

Good morning!! Today instead of showing you some warm pics from Maldives I am showing you a winter look I wore yesterday to do some errands in Bologna. Here now it’s really really cold, so all kind of coats are welcomed 🙂 I was wearing my super new Zebra coat which I was waiting for […]

Black Bear

Black Bear-89-mercedesmaya

Hiiiii!! Here I am super all covered from head to toes before leaving to Maldive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a contrast!! Can’t wait to be there, to get sunbathed, to eat sooo much, to do acquatic sport, and just to enjoy the views!! Of course I will take nice pics and will share all with you 🙂 But […]

White Chapel

White Chapel-129-mercedesmaya

Good morning!! I am full of energy today showing you these pics taken at my sweet Barcelona 🙂 Actually these pics were taken at Caldetas were I go for summer, there’s a small chapel that remind’s me of greek chapels. It is a small corner on the way down to the village all white, in […]