Urban Code

Urban Code-45-mercedesmaya

Good morning sweeties! While I was in Barcelona I received this fantastic faux fur vest from Urban Code, which I am completely in love with! I could not take it with me to Barcelona so when I came back I just could not wait to wear it 🙂 !!! And here you have the result! […]

Girly on Thursday

Girly on Thursday-78-mercedesmaya

New month, new items!! Today let me explain you item by item as I am wearing almost all new 🙂 I got this zip shift dress from the australian brand Mombasarose which I adore. Firstly I wanted to take it with me to Maldives and used it there (as it was so colorful) but then […]

Cold weekend look

Cold weekend look-96-mercedesmaya

It seems one day it’s pretty ok to go out with tights and another you cannot do otherwise… This weekend was realy cold and although I love to wear my dresses without tights even in winter, it was too much heheh So here i go with a classic winter outfit, wearing my 60’s inspiration dress […]

Diamond Jacket

Diamond Jacket-110-mercedesmaya

This week is a crazy week, were one day its hot and the other one is 10 degrees less and raining, so it’s quite a mess when it comes to go out…. On monday I am going on my shorts and yesterday I had to wear long jeans and a warm jacket… brrr I got […]