Currently Eyeing: These 5 Trends

¡Buenos días chicos! Os dejo con cinco tendencias que me tienen enamorada: Las botas por encima de la rodilla, las gargantillas, los vestidos lenceros, los bolsos bombonera y las faldas de ante. Y vosotras, ¿os habéis hecho ya con alguna de estas tendencias? ¡Besitos y feliz viernes!
When it comes to fashion, a woman can never have enough inspiration. Everywhere you go, there is something to get new ideas from. Whether it’s another woman on the street or even just your surroundings, inspiration can be found just about anywhere! Another great way to find fresh fashion ideas is to keep track of the style muses you identify with.

The Internet has become such an amazing resource for finding and tracking trends as they’re shown at fashion weeks around the world. And you can even see the trends in action on your favorite celebrities, which helps to give you inspiration on how to wear even the craziest looks.

Today, inspired by what I’ve seen on others and what I’ve found through research, I’m sharing the five trends I’m swooning over. From clothing to accessories, here are the things on my wish list! 

1. Over-The-Knee Boots

These daring boots that reach up to your thighs are being worn by all kinds of stylish celebrities, and now everybody else seems to be catching onto the trend—making it much more wearable for everyday. This Harper’s Bazaar article listed 10 fabulous styles, for those who are looking to snag a pair. 

2. Slip Dresses

While scrolling the fashionable pages of Lyst, I noticed a new trend: the slip dress. It reminds you of a nightgown, but it’s much sexier. Layering a leather jacket would definitely add edge to this slinky number, and a pair of cool ankle boots would seal the deal.

3. Chokers

Back bolder than ever from ‘90s fashion, chokers have become the new basis for chicness. No longer are these grungy accessories just for rebellious fashionistas. They’ve gone mainstream, and they look very cool. If you’re a little nervous about trying the trend, I found these four Elle tips for different ways to wear a choker.

4. Suede Skirts

This smooth material was the ultimate fabric of fall 2015, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. To transition from winter to spring, fashion houses showed a ton of suede skirts that can be worn with just about anything. A versatile trend is a trend to love, indeed!

5. Bucket Bags

The iconic bucket bag is updated this year, with unique twists on the traditional shape and added embellishments. Bucket bags are great for on-the-go days when you need a carry-all, and they bring a fun silhouette to any outfit that feels a little boring.

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