ready for the beach

ready for the beach-56457-mytenida

Missing the beach? Yeeeeeesss, it´s incredible but the year is finishing for me!!!! I love wearing shorts an cowboy hat for the beach…what about you? What kind of accessories you like bringing for a day at the beach? Echando ya de menos la playita? Yo siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, en nada ya estoy plantada en Ibiza…ji ji ji!!!! […]

so flowered

so flowered-56491-mytenida

I love dresses for summer! When it´s so hot, they are the only garment I can wear…this one is from Zara Kids, lovely, isn´t it? Me encanta llevar vestiditos fresquitos en verano…es lo único que se puede llevar para soportar las altas temperaturas! Éste es ideal, no me digáis que no? Es de Zara Kids, […]