The comeback of the Grunge

Após todos os desfiles das grandes fashion weeks para a próxima temporada foi possível ver que houve algo que foi recorrente em muitas delas, o grunge.
Vindo dos anos 90, com a influência de ícones como Kurt Cobain e Courtney Love, esta estética relaxada e de rebeldia está de volta. Desta forma, pareceu-me mais que apropriado mostrar-vos um editorial em que trabalhei no ano passado com o mesmo tema, o grunge e inspirado também na série Skins.
Espero que gostem e mais uma vez desculpem a falta de tempo que tenho tido para o blog.
Uma boa semana para todos.

After all the runway shows from the major fashion weeks for the next season we were able to see that there was something recurring in many of them, the grunge style.
Born in the 90’s, from the influence of icons like Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love, this relaxed and rebel aesthetic is back. This way, it seemed more than appropriate  to show you an editorial that I worked on last year with the same theme, grunge and also inspired on the tv show Skins.
I hope you like it and once again I apologize for not being here as much.
Have a great week.

Photographer . Dilia Oviedo
Concept, Styling, Make-Up and Hair . Claudia Figueiredo (me) and Marta Fonseca
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41 thoughts on “The comeback of the Grunge

  1. this editorial is stunning!! i absolutely love this look even though I don't tend to go for it lol
    So I am finally back with a new blog which I hope you have the time to check out and let me know your thoughts. I changed platforms so if you'd like to keep up with my posts a follow in bloglovin would be the best :) Thanks girl!! follwoing already!

  2. I'm so happy that this is coming back, it's my all time favourite way of dressing & I love that there will now be lots of pieces I want to buy in stores again! :) Love the editorial too, especially the last two photos in B&W, just gorgeous!

  3. First of all congrats on your cool job especially in europe is so hard with the economic crisis. Love this editorial and love anything dark, black and grunge x

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