Bárbara Crespo & Mytenida

Bárbara Crespo & Mytenida-49767-mytenida

Some weeks ago, I went to meet Bárbara Crespo at the ABC de Serrano shopping center since she gave a class of style to people that are a little bit lost in this matter. So I found that it could be interesting for me. She was really kind and proffesional….here you can see all the […]

new in my closet

new in my closet -49727-mytenida

Hello!!!! I have to tell you many things!!! Yesterday I was  recorded for a programme in TVE…I can´t believe all the things I´m doing and my blog is less than a year!! I will tell you in more details in another post! About today´s look I have to say that is very different to the […]

I got my baseball jacket!!!!!!

I got my baseball jacket!!!!!!-49691-mytenida

Ja ja ja, yo me río sólaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Y es que cuando me da por algo, yo misma me marco mis objetivos, quería una beisbolera y la conseguí!!! Qué os parece, os gusta el modelo? Pues es de Zara Kids, que es donde me temía que la iba a encontrar.Sé que no tiene nada que ver […]

London Market in Madrid

London Market in Madrid-49653-mytenida

Hello my dear followers!!!! Yesterday I went with my friend Miriam from the Personal Shopper School (click here if you are interested) to the London Market in Madrid. We had a really good time because the stuff that comes from London was so kind and polite that we couldn´t avoid buying so many special things. Here […]

camo & boyfriend jeans

camo & boyfriend jeans-49627-mytenida

Hello! I´ve just decided to start writing in English again because I´ve received an email from Netherlans and I´m so excited that people from other countries follow me that I think I must do it for them. So as I told you the first time I did it: excuse me if you notice any mistake, […]

New Yorker & Mytenida!!!

New Yorker & Mytenida!!!-49582-mytenida

Hola!!!! Hoy os traigo un post muy especial! Os cuento todos los hechos! La semana pasada me llamaron de la revista Cosmopolitan y la agencia Brand Group para que fuera de blogger invitada a la inauguración de la tienda New Yorker en el centro comercial Gran Casa de Zaragoza. Cómo no Mytenida cogió el ave […]