mytenida & isabel marant pants

mytenida & isabel marant pants-50148-mytenida

Here you have the outfit with my Isabel Marant pants clon, do you like them? They are exactly the same, aren´t they? I love them, I would wear them everyday! I´m sure that you are going to finish being tired of seeing me with them in different looks! Aquí tenéis mi tenida con el clon […]

Isabel Marant pants

Isabel Marant pants-50126-mytenida

I love these pants since the first time they came out….they are simply perfect…you know that I love all garments that have a touch of ethnic style, so these ones are really wearable and the best thing is that I discovered the clon in a foreign web….ha ha ha!!!!! I got the two, black and […]

rocking at the beach

rocking at the beach-50086-mytenida

Hiiiiiii my dear followers! How are you after so long holidays? I cannot believe that I´m working again in my school as a teacher after being in Tarifa, Morroco, etc etc under the sun…OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! the best thing??? I´m going to post all the pictures I took…I´m sure you´ll love them! Hola mis queridas seguidoras!!!!! Qué […]

elena estaun & mytenida for Christmas

elena estaun & mytenida for Christmas-50062-mytenida

Last week Elena Estaun, my dear friend invited me for a cup before Christmas in order to introduce her new collection. She is an artist, I cannot say anything bad about her, all her pieces are unique…she always let me with the mouth open! La semana pasada mi querida amiga Elena Estaun nos invitó a […]

December Tenidas

December Tenidas-49985-mytenida

The Year has finished and I cannot be happier….I could´t think that I was going to be so successful in this adventure…I have had so many experiences that I´m sure I´m going to remember all my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thank you so much for following me cause without you this could never be possible! Happy New Year! El […]