small preview, details

small preview, details-49829-mytenida

Some details of tomorrow´s tenida…. Aquí os traigo hoy algunos detalles del look de mañana!!!! O a lo mejor lo subo más tarde….AHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Un besazo…. dos días para mis vacaciones!!!! Pulseras/bracelets: Sfera y Ese o Ese. Bolso/handbag: Carolina Herrera.

neon boots (part II)

neon boots (part II)-49812-mytenida

Here you have another look with my fav boots of the season….The Neon Boots,they cannot be more perfect than they are…I also like wearing fluor in winter, why not? It gives life and colour to your tenidas. Aquí tenéis otro look con mis Neon Boots, mis favoritas de esta temporada y es que no pueden […]

skull jumper

skull jumper -49778-mytenida

I cannot still avoid buying garments with skulls….I know that everybody wears them but when I see some skull, handbag, clutch, bracelet, etc I put my eye on it…and you? Are you still wearing skulls for everything? No puedo evitar seguir comprándome cosas de calavera, ya sean bolsos, clutches, camisetas, jerseys, etc Se me van […]

Bárbara Crespo & Mytenida

Bárbara Crespo & Mytenida-49767-mytenida

Some weeks ago, I went to meet Bárbara Crespo at the ABC de Serrano shopping center since she gave a class of style to people that are a little bit lost in this matter. So I found that it could be interesting for me. She was really kind and proffesional….here you can see all the […]

new in my closet

new in my closet -49727-mytenida

Hello!!!! I have to tell you many things!!! Yesterday I was  recorded for a programme in TVE…I can´t believe all the things I´m doing and my blog is less than a year!! I will tell you in more details in another post! About today´s look I have to say that is very different to the […]

I got my baseball jacket!!!!!!

I got my baseball jacket!!!!!!-49691-mytenida

Ja ja ja, yo me río sólaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Y es que cuando me da por algo, yo misma me marco mis objetivos, quería una beisbolera y la conseguí!!! Qué os parece, os gusta el modelo? Pues es de Zara Kids, que es donde me temía que la iba a encontrar.Sé que no tiene nada que ver […]