Saving so you can get yourself a nice gift

Saving so you can get yourself a nice gift

We all like to treat ourselves with a nice gift at some point.  However, sometimes we find that all our money seems to disappear before we’ve even had a chance to think about shopping.  Most people’s income will go towards rent, food and bills, leaving very little left to play with – this makes it very hard to treat oneself.  Despite this, there are a number of ways in which one can save pennies here and there.

A lot of us run up a big electricity bill in the house, and often wonder how this can happen.  We often swear not to make the same mistake the following month, but before we know it we’ve forgotten all about it until the next bill.  Make sure not to leave any lights on in empty rooms, and turn off any plugs that aren’t being used.  Some people’s households use electric immersion heaters – make sure these aren’t left on when not in use, as they are notorious for eating up electricity.

Earning whilst spending is another way of saving throughout the year, the Qantas frequent flyer card for example allows you to earn air miles for money spent whilst shopping, allowing you to save on your next holiday.

Another place you should look to save money is in the contents of your fridge and cupboards.  Perhaps you’re spending a lot of money of top-of-the-range food products?  Most big supermarkets offer their own brand products at much cheaper prices, meaning you can potentially save a lot in one shopping trip alone.  You could also cut down on your meat consumption.  This is quite often the most expensive item in the shopping basket, and most people don’t realise that we only need a small amount in our diet.  Doing this will force you to be more adventurous and experimental with your eating, as well as saving those important extra pennies. 

It’s also no secret that most people enjoy a drop of alcohol, whether it’s at home during the week or on the weekend in town.  You may decide to cut it out all together for a little while, maximizing your saving potential, as well as reaping the health benefits.  If not, you can also opt for cheaper brands, or simply keep it indoors where you won’t be forking out high prices at fancy bars and clubs.   

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