BFF Campaign!

Hi there!! How are you?? Today I am coming with a special post to show you some great deals on the web thanks to the online webshop Udobuy 🙂
I am sure you will love them.
Udobuy has prepared a BFF match campaign! What does it mean?? yes.. you know when you and your best friends go shopping and like the same things.. at first you feel bad about wearing the same clothing but both of you want it, and finally you just buy it and match each other. That’s a BFF match!! How many times does it happens to you and your best friend?  When you spent so much time together it is inevitable to have the same tastes, right? 
On Udobuy they have notice it, so the have prepared the BFF campaign to help you. With the BFF campaign you con buy a full amount up to 60$ and you get a 20$ coupon code Friends20!!! Nice isn’t it??? So get your best friend and start choosing pieces together to get such a good promotion and enjoy 🙂
As usual, I have done a selection of my favourite pieces for this promotion which you can see all the here. 
Let me know what do you think!

Pd. Remember theres also this Best sale here ony for 30$ and that you can participate at their Make Videos for Udobuy conest with the chance to win a 100$ gift and earn 30 bonus points! 🙂

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