3 Minute Miracle


Este nuevo producto de Aussie es un pequeño milagro dentro de una botella.

Es el remedio perfecto para cabellos castigados por el  verano & puntas abiertas.  



This new Aussie product is a little miracle inside a bottle. It is the perfect remedy for punished "summer hair" & split ends.


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  1. Me lo compré hace un par de meses y no me hizo absolutamente nada, lo acabé usando como acondicionador. Un besito.

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  6. When I got that catalog, I too was in love yet hotbarreken over the price points. I thought Well there is an actual example of something expensive that I REALLY like (the shearling suede jacket), but will never effing buy. (oddly I usually loath expensive things, a true dirt thrifter at heart, and in my brain I actually used the f word, but I don’t just drop that bomb on unsuspecting bloggers. . . but in my head, that was the gravity, you know. Effing A. What the Eff is up with those prices? Though I see after further inspection of your post that you have no problem with this word so now I feel foolish for censoring myself. I guess I am just not as emotional now commenting as I was at first, you know, when I first saw the catalog, so the usage would be arbitrary and lose its effectiveness the next time I decide to passionately use it in a ridiculously long rambling comment to a stranger. Ya. I feel like a dork now. Ok. Bye.

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