Not long time ago I decided to try something new and give lipstick a go. Up to now I was a natural lip gloss kind of girl, but now I can’t live without a lipstick.


The first lipstick I have tried was from Avon. I was unsure which colour I should go for so I have asked my friends and my sister which one should I buy, and which one would suit me best– because I’m not the person who likes the strong colours – like dark red, or purple. So as advised  I decided to buy the “Vintage pink”. First impression? It’s darker then I would normally go for but I decided to use it for a photo shoot, and I must say – my lips looked nice. The lipstick adds the nice pop of colour to my usual nude look and now I’m glad that I took the advice from my friends.


The second one I bought was from Minti shop website. The lipstick I went for is called “Sweetheart” and It was the first time I have tried something from Revolution collection. But I wasn’t disappointed. I fell in love with this lipstick after the first use – the colour is a light pink which is a good option for girls, who don’t  like very bright pink. I was after a nice pink lipstick and this one is just perfect and I would recommend it to anyone. It is moisturising and not drying at all.

The last lipstick called “Nude” is also from Revolution collection ( I want to try more products from this brand as I think there are very good!) The finish of this lipstick is matte and the colour is nice but I like to put a Avon clear lip gloss on top to achieve a more natural look.


And also I have a good news for you. I decided to work with MOOOH, the new brand with a lots good products, and their have a new offer to you – my lovely readers. It’s not a giveaway. You shouldn’t follow me via any social accounts (but if you want, I would be greatful). Only what you need to do – is to sign on their web. It’s easy… when you decided to create a account – you’ll received a 15$ coupon to spend, isn’t nice? But it’s a one catch – you should click on this link – http://moooh.ref-r.com/c/i/4118/1032750 – it’s the only step, and… enjoy.

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