I’m single… so I need to buy new sweater. #winteredition



sweaters by enik featuring a red top
It’s wednesday, and finally I’m back to home. Anyway, it’s winter, here in Poland we have snow, so when one day I woke up, saw -15 (!) wasn’t happy. Found out, that I have to buy new sweaters, cos is cold, especially when I have to wait 10 minutes on the bus stop.
So one day, I was on the bus, and as usually it’s time for me, and emails. I hate traffic jams. I received email from sammydress. I’m sure that you know the brand. Must confess that I broke my rules, and decided to collaborate with them. The plus is that they have section for “plus size” so maybe I’ll find something in my size. Anyway… the second reason why I decided to work with them, is that I’m blocked. At work I have to wear black clothes, and I need to changes something, buy new clothes. Maybe, change my style. Who knows… maybe this collaboration will be good for me, and finally I’ll create the new and interesting set with my old clothes.

I have a good news for you – if you like the sweaters from my set… you can buy it with 15% discount (expired 20.02) . Or just something different. Here is the code:


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