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Sorry for being quiet lately, week ago I wrote my last post, so scary – but I have a few explanation… the first reason, why mimundonormal isn’t update – is that the weather for a few days is pretty ugly – dark, cloudy and raining. Also I’m working too much for last few days, and don’t have time for photosooting – this blog isn’t my work, is only my hobby so probably you know how hard is to have everything on the time. Especially when your schedule is different than your photographer.

However, the second reason is that I have a big queue of “must-read-book” so I decided to spend a few days with book & cup of tea. I need a few days like this, so today’s post is all about books, and my second passion. Because I have my own library and the sad is that the books in Poland are expensive. Of course I can buy ebook for a few zlotych, but isn’t the point. I love feeling the paper, mark interesting quotes. And see a full bookcase in my room.

This month I would like to read this 3 books, the first one I bought for a few zloty in supermarket, and the reason why I decided to pick this one, is that I like the style of Arturo Perez-Reverte, I have one book “El tango de la Guardia Vieja” which I love, and of course have the quote:

“Una mujer nunca es sólo una mujer, querido Max. Es también, y sobre todo, los hombres que tuvo, que tiene y que podría tener. Ninguna se explica sin ellos.”

Carlos Ruiz Zafon – I’m going to read this book for the second time, and probably I’ll blind because the text is small but hey! I love reading, I can be blind if the book is good 🙂

I think I’m obsessed with spanish books, so please – if you have something good to recommend – write a title in the comment I’ll check it!:)

The last book was found unexpectedly, I went to store for something for lunch and I saw the big signboard “sale” and that’s all. I ate small muffin but I have a book!:)


Have a nice day! And see you soon. Hopefully I’ll back with my daily look.

7 thoughts on “What I’m currently reading

  1. ¡A ver si mejora el tiempo! Disfrutar de los libros es genial, una pena que sean tan caros…

    Un besito Anna ❤
    Melania | modeintechnicolor.blogspot.com

  2. “Cień wiatru”! Jedna z moich ulubionych książek 🙂 Też przymierzam się w tym roku do przeczytania jej po raz drugi.

  3. I also have some weeks when I simply don’t have time to write a post at all, it’s hard to be consistent with blog posts when you have an other job too. Hope the weather gets better, and thank you for sharing these books! Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo, Esther


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