Secret Dinner In White


Must confess, I love to go back to Polyvore, I spent there a lots nice moments, probably I won there something for the first time in my life. I was offline for awhile and it’s nice to make something relaxing.

However, today I would like to talk about one special event. Probably you heard, or read about P. Diddy’s Annual White Party, or you read about Diner en Blanc. But if you don’t…

It happens just once a year, in the summer: By the hundreds and thousands, on a date determined city by city, people around the world, dressed in white, meet at a beautiful, central public location to share a gourmet dinner with friends. No one knows where it will take place until the last minute and afterwards a casual passerby will have no hint of the splendor of the occasion past. 

Sounds interesting, doesn’t?

Therefore, I was asked by The Black Tux for fashion advice, and here is the set with two looks: for my date, and me. It was a nice challange to imagine two looks, so hope you’ll like it and tell me…

When an invitation says: “Dinner en Blanc” – what would you wear?

I’m curious of your proposals.



dinner en blanc




If you have any special event don’t forget to check their site, where you can find lots of great rental tuxedos & suits.

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