To be or not to be… curvy



The answer, as my controversial Karl Largerfeld would say, is that “it’s all about taste.” I’m over 30 and I’m curvy, and I choose to be like this.

I have lived in three different countries in my life. I grew up in Argentina, a very special country that I love but that has very awkward ideas regarding health, beauty and weigth: for example, it is the only place where I found a pair of jeans with size 0 (ZERO!)… It’s hard to grow up in Argentina, and when you are a teen having people, even people close to you, calling you “fat,” “fatty,” “chubby” and worse, it is sad and can turn apart a girl’s life. Because of that, I started designing my own clothes and even to produce them at a minor scale, and to sell them to friends and acquaintances… My brand then was called MAL GENIO. Last year I started , this time to talk about designers, fashion and street style.

Lucky for me, I’ve travelled the world and lived with different people and experienced a few different cultures. Nowadays I’m working for a great company in UK, I’m a successful professional and I am happy. I’ve been living in this country for six months and nobody has been disrespectful to me.

When shopping, I can easily find sizes up to 50 and people here just dress their own way.

I find that blogs and fashion bloggers that give support and ideas, share styles and adventures with the world, on top of providing us with amusement they provide us with a priceless and inestimable platform for regular girls and women. Girls and women who, eventually, like me, will learn to love themselves beyond the fashion standards and contemporary ideals about what is beautiful and what is not.

I believe that you are beautiful because that’s how you see yourself and nobody else should matter.

Among my favorite blogs, bloggers and personalities that are an inspiration to me:

Lidia Juvanteny on JUST SHOOT ME

“The gang” on SOY CURVY

Margaret Cho

And one of my favourite journalists and bloggers in Spain, Sophie Carmo

To finish I would say to anyone who wants to listen: “You are only responsible for the attitude you have towards your own life, the rest is all about taste…”

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