Accessories for Autumn

Autumn is on its way in and it is a beautiful season. With its distinct colours and gently
cooling weather there is always still a chance of warm weather yet to come. Like every
season most of us make changes to the way we dress whether consciously or
unconsciously. We switch from our summer lights and brights to more autumnal palette
of darker shades from wine to greys and browns. The days of summer don’t have to be
long gone though. Accessories can ensure your outfits are full of colour and interest,
even if the days and nights get darker.

Don’t go halves with scarves
Scarves have truly become a year round accessory. These days most of us have a
selection that will see us from spring through to summer and winter in all kinds of print,
fabric and texture to suit the weather at the time. They’re a fabulous low cost way to
inject colour into your wardrobe as well as being the perfect solution for those of us who
are a little lacking in colour confidence. A scarf is an extra introduction to the colours and
prints of the season without having to go the whole hog. In autumn choose pretty florals
to complement your outfit and keep that sense of summer despite the cooling
temperatures. Wear them draped loosely around your neck or knotted neatly at the front
or side depending on the occasion. They’re extremely versatile so don’t be afraid to get
creative. What about trying them in your hair or around the waist of your jeans?

Believe it or not, jewellery can make you appear slimmer. Sounds hard to believe it’s
true but the right jewellery can actually have a slimming effect and we’re not talking
about a new-fangled magic type of jewellery either. A long pendant, for example, is a
perfect weapon for those days when you’re not feeling body confident. Wearing one of
these loosely down the front of your body, drawing attention to the centre of you and
away from those pesky hips or thighs that you’re trying to avoid putting in the spotlight.
Likewise a well-placed brooch can distract attention away from what you consider your
flaws and a gorgeous bracelet can draw the eye to slender wrists and well and truly
away from any hint of bingo wings.

Belt Up
With the change of season to autumn, out come those chunkier knits and they’re not
always as flattering as they could be. Though on chillier days we love to sink beneath
layers of gorgeous warm wool, this only hides your curves away and adds inches where
you don’t need them. Thankfully the accessory aisle has an answer. Belts are the ideal
way to inject style and colour into your look as well as cinching you in at the waist to
ensure you don’t look inches bigger than you need to. If you’re feeling colour confident
then go with something bright and bold that complements your outfit but otherwise stick
to classics such as brown and camel for an easy sophisticated autumn look.

Be a bag lady
One of the best accessories for autumn just has to be a great new bag. Who doesn’t love
that new bag feeling of transferring all your everyday stuff into that new hold all or tote.
This year there is every excuse to keep that summer feeling through autumn because
there are some incredible totes and bucket style bags out there in every shade
imaginable. It doesn’t matter what season your outfit is showcasing, a bright and breezy
bag will put sunshine into your step wherever you are.



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