Click on the link to see another option for the pants http://stylelovely.com/ostyle/2011/11/do-what-you-want / Pincha sobre el enlace para ver otra combinación http://stylelovely.com/ostyle/2011/11/do-what-you-want   Top: http://www.sportsgirl.com.au/, pants: ZARA, necklace/collar: dayaday (last seasons) handbag/bolso: ZARA    



Shirt/Camisa: ZARA, pants/pantalón: Roberto Verino (last season), necklaces: Uterqüe/Mazal, sunnies/gafas: Ray-Ban, handbag/bolso: ZARA, shoes/zapatos: ZARA (last season’s)   Click on the following link to see a more classic way of wearing the same pants: http://stylelovely.com/ostyle/2010/07/r-e-d-s-i-l-k.html Pincha sobre el siguiente enlace para ver como combinar los pantalones de una manera clásica: http://stylelovely.com/ostyle/2010/07/r-e-d-s-i-l-k.html



  I love wearing white throughout the year but specially when the temperature is getting higher.The fact that white color is clean, trendy and classic look at the same time and how it reflects light is what I most like. Therefore, if you want to make certain areas of your body such as your hips or chest […]

Punk Chic

Punk Chic-8252-ostyle

  For this outfit I decided to leave the idea of working around the black and have chosen the white instead as I feel this color creates a more appealing of what a punk chic look is. The key, punk pieces around the chic. What do you think? I would love to hear from you! […]

Rock it!

Rock it!-7652-ostyle

  I should be part of this because right or wrong, fair or unfair, we all judge each other based on apariencie and I know you and I have together the best ingredients to reach and change the world of bloggers. Click on the link below to see what I am talking about./ Pincha en el […]