CURRENTLY IN MY BAG-8203-stylissim

Hello everyone! First I want to apologize for not posting constant these days. This being a real crazy week, but soon you will understand why. I showed you some months ago what I was carring usually in my bag usually (here), but you know that we girls change very often and I thought it was […]


MY WINTER SHOES-8102-stylissim

These are so far my new pair of shoes for this winter. As you can see each of them fits a different style to complete my versatility to dress. From classic loafers to rubber platforms 100% trendy.  Brown suede boots and  black cut outs completed my basic pieces to start the season. And you, have […]


INSTALISSIM 20-7604-stylissim

Good morning! First apologies for my long weekend off, but September is bringing me great changes and I can not avoid impacting on my publications. I hope I can explain you all very soon. For now I leave you with the snapshots of these days in London. Enjoy them and see you tomorrow with a […]