Playing with the snow

Playing with the snow-2548-mercedesmaya

 Here I am back from Ghent where I went to work just for one day and a half, but hopefully I had the time to see a little bit of the city and enjoy their beer hehee And then here I am back to snowy Bologna, how I love it!! What a pitty that it […]

Futuristic look

Futuristic look-2129-mercedesmaya

After a suuuuper long weekend with my friend (we had a blast!!! :)) I am showing you some pics she took of my latests outfits! This look is quite futuristic hehe wearing an almost complete H&M premium outfit. I saw this skirt and scuba sweater when I was working in Paris, and before getting the […]



 TGIF!!! What a week! I could not wait for the weekend to start!! And today for the first time in years I am going to the gym haha you know… september is always full of good purposes but I had to wait until October to at least accomplish one! Today I am leaving you with […]



Tadaaaaa so here I am with my new look!! After almost one week I can’t help looking at each mirror, window or glass I pass by hahah it is sooo weird for me, but I am slowly getting used to it!! So opinions?? Do you remember some days ago I told you about H&M Premium?? […]