Work Mode

Work Mode-2440-mercedesmaya

 My work normally requires me wearing formal outfits. Although I am not quite into a formal style;  work is work, so I always try to leave my essence on my most classic styles. For example today I leave you with some pictures of me before an important meeting all suited up hehe. But I could not avoid […]

Striped skirt

Striped skirt-2345-mercedesmaya

  Yesterday I went shopping as the sales period had just started, and I was really excited about it, but I do not know why, I did not find anything…. 🙁 The thing is I had nothing on my wishlist… but anyhow I did not like anything, so I just ended buying a new striped […]

Alpaca coat

Alpaca coat-2355-mercedesmaya

Holidays have come to an end, and I am sad as that means leaving back to Italy and missing my family and friends, but happy because finally I will stop eating soooooooo many cakes and sweets, i think I am on a sugar coma hahaha I leave you today with a simple outfit from Barcelona, […]