FLOWERS & RATTAN-14697-macarenagea

Two-pieces sets have the same main advantage as dresses (solving a complete look in a second with no complication) plus the versatility of being able to use each piece separately. I specially liked the set I show you today because of its floral print, knotted top, slightly flared sleeves… I love its “tropical pajamas” vibes and […]


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The end of summer usually brings with it new resolutions to make our days more productive, more beautiful and, most of all, to make our life happier. Home is the heart of this life and that’s why little renovations are, in my opinion, a perfect way to start the new season with renewed forces. I love that feeling of […]


FLOWERS & STARS-14676-macarenagea

Yesterday, before my IKEA presentation, David and I enjoyed one of our few (and precious!) moments for two. We went to La Pérgola (a classic must in Valencia!) and, in our way, we found this beautiful bougainvillea which totally matched my new dress. Perfect photo setting! As you see, in this look I put into practice everything I […]


FLORAL DRESSES-14665-macarenagea

One of the reasons why I am so in love with floral dresses it’s because I can wear them all year long. During summer, with flat sandals and straw bags and, now autumn is coming, I am already thinking about layered looks with western booties (these are my favourites and these are a good low cost version) and big […]


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Una de las cosas buenas de decir hola al mes de septiembre es abrir el buzón y… ¡Tachánnnnn! ¡NUEVO CATÁLOGO DE IKEA! 236 páginas cargadas de inspiración y buen rollo que invitan a redecorar nuestra casa (y nuestra vida!) de cara al nuevo curso. Hace algunas semanas os enseñé aquí un pequeño adelanto de las novedades […]


BOHEMIAN BRIDES-14647-macarenagea

During one of my latest “Pinterest intensive sessions”, I totally fell in love with the first image of today’s post. I was surprised to know that such a wonderful dress was signed by Free People. The picture belongs to this 2015 bridal collection campaign I share with you today. Although right now I have not found any specific bridal section on […]


FIELDS OF GOLD-14634-macarenagea

Some days ago, we went out with the kids for a walk around the town… And the playpen, of course! My look was the one you can see on these pics and, for Mateo, I chose a beige linen jumpsuit + leather sandals. As I finished dressing Mateo, I saw he was staring at me and also at his […]


DREAM CAMP-14627-macarenagea

If you have ever gone camping you will know that, although it may be such a fantastic plan, its deco look is often so far from what we can find on these pics. The truth is that kind of camping (including minikitchen and even headboard!) is something quite utopic but I loved so much this style and I needed to share it with you […]



Although we are still in August, “back to school” vibes are already in the air. You know I am rather a spring/summer person but the fact is I have always loved new seasons beginnings. One of the things I like the most at the end of summer holidays are all those September issues full of fall/winter inspiration. From now on, I want fashion to be more present […]


MAGICAL FLOWERS-14604-macarenagea

Today I’d like to share with you the amazing work of Beatriz Natmar; an awesome spanish handmade flowers artist. using materials such as silk, leather or feathers, Beatriz dyes, molds and combines all the elements necessary to create such delicate pieces. Flowers we can wear on our hair, completing wonderful dresses… In fact, she has worked […]