1. Bali Laguna Restaurant / 2. views from Vue Bar / 3. Japanese Restaurant with your own chef in your room! / 4.Sunset in Shanghai


5. A bit of clubbing: M2 Club / 6. New polish! / 7. Taxi time / 8. Clue post…
9. Invitation for Cheap Monday in SFW / 10. Shanghai high roads / 11. My everyday park / 12. New babies

A bit of everything these days!

Good food, a bit of party, shopping and now starts the best weekend in Shanghai!: Fashion week!

I will keep you updated during my fashion weekend. Don´t forget follow me via Instagram and Twiter: @stylissim


Un poquito de todo durante estos días!

Buena comida, algo de fiesta, unas compritas y ahora a empezar el mejor fin de semana de Shanghai: Fashion week!

Os mantendré informados, no olvidéis seguirme via twitter e Instagram!: @stylissim



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