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Recently I have been looking to other blogs, not just with fashion content, but talking about, decoration, wedding organistion, DIY, and found this article, I personally will love to have a dream wedding like this one!
A beach wedding in Saint Tropez? Why not?
It doesn’t come as a surprise that more and more couples in love nowadays prefer to make beach weddings rather than stick to the traditional ones. In this regard, one of the best places for beach themed weddings, the one that makes them extremely memorable, is Saint Tropez. But first, before deciding how to make a beach wedding reception there, you surely have to plan on it very carefully. So, here are some issues you must tale into consideration:
The Paperwork
You must know about some documents that have to be filled before the wedding day ceremony. These papers have to be prepared at the place of your wedding. So, since you make your plans on a beach wedding at St. Tropez, thus, you have to prepare your visas and other important documents necessary to legalize the wedding.

Medical Consult
You have to take into consideration that some people do not bear warm weather. Thus, if you are planning make your wedding at St. Tropez anyway, just make sure that you’re in a normal healthy condition.
The Budget
First, you have to make a perfect budget plan before starting your beach wedding. You definitely have to know how much you can afford to spend on stuff like plane tickets, the entire wedding itself, and on the reception issues afterwards.
The Setting
It was already said that saint Tropez is one of the best beach wedding places. Its amazing blue sky and the ocean waves will be your primary witnesses in such a gorgeous day like wedding. In fact, beach weddings do not that much extra special decorations like traditional weddings do.

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  1. wow!! great ideas for a wedding, I’m getting married in July and had planned to do at the beach but I finally decided to get married in the church where my parents did and I’m very happy.

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