Help me choose!!

Hi girls!! Today I am asking for your advice for my future online shopping. Lets see what do you think is better for me to buy and your comments 🙂
 I have discovered this new webpage for online shopping called Stylishplus 🙂
I am sure that like me, you like wearing the latest trends, combining expensive clothing with more affordable one.. So here we have a new webpage Stylishplus selling the latest trends to reasonable prices, yeahh!!
I have seen really nice and economical things which for sure will form part of my closet heheh
I have made a small selection fof my favourite pieces, let me know what do you think and what would you advise me to buy. Thanks!!!
Lets start with dresses, pretty obvious.. hehe  You can see the first dress which I simply adore!! OMG it is sooo elegant I love wraped dresses and this has to be mine! I love the wrap at the fron and the colour, it looks adorable!
You can also find plain elegant dresses with nice cuts like the second one with an irregular hem, a classy which is always a good opotion for a supper 🙂

Here I have made a selection of leather pieces, which are a must in my wardrobe. The first one an irregular black skirt, rocker and preppy at the same time, just wonderful and easy to combine, I just can’t help having more and more leather skirst…! The second one, a pair of leather leggins, we all have one with us, and these are just really original with the zip in the knees, comfortable and trendy,what elese?

This is my selection for urban pieces. A simple long dress with a very original cut at the back part showing your legs, for everyday use, with heels for a more formal event and with flats during the day.
And what about the military blouse?? Militar is a must print for many kind of pieces, but this blouse makes militar girly and preppy at the same time, just perfect to go around the city 🙂

And I wanted to end with some more colorful prints as this blouse with cartoon print reminding me of the 50’s don’t you think? And this rural print skirt, the trend of the season, really risky but original ath the same time. Would you wear them?
Which things do you think I should buy?? More classy or more extravagant pieces?? Which one is your favourite??
Let me know your opinions, and hope to show you soon what I finally bought 🙂 🙂 

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