All about glasses!

Good morning everyone! Hope you have a wonderful day today!!Here in Italy (as in Spain today we do not have to work) so I have taken the opportunity to make a special post today talking about a special subject that concerns me and I guess lot of other people.. ! Yes I am talking about glasses, as you may already know I wear prescription eyeglasses, I used them specially when going to the cinema, when working, in front of the computer, when reading, that sort of things! And obviously I also wear sunglasses (also with prescription or if not it could be a mess hahah) which I adore and I combine often with my clothing outfits, and are just a wonderful item when you are not looking that good in the morning hehehe

So I have recently discovered different sites were we can find prescription and non prescription glasses online and sunglasses at affordable prices, which its a relieve for those that like me use them constantly and have to pay big numbers for them, fnally tha’t over!
I am sure you have already noticed that it’s better to buy them online and the quality is the same one.
Today I am sharing with you this webpage called  where you can find fantastic offers and also a very useful and fun tool to try them on haha don’t you think its helpful?!! Try it, it’s really fun! You can order glasses online and also take advantage of my promotional code BLOG10 for a 10% discount on prescription glasses 🙂