Finally my Christmas Wishlist

Today I’ll go with a “must do wishlist” post with my favourite items for this season. I love to go online shopping and recently I have discovered some nice online shops like Handpicklook, and I am going to show you my Christmas wishlist from them 😉
You will see that all my outfits are based on a black/gre scale of colors (which I consider essential) and I only change the bottom part depending on the occasion.

Let’s start with the first outfit were the key item is a short skirt. In grey and dark green colours I have choosen a houndstooth coat, a woolen grey jumper and a pleated dark green pleated skirt. I adore this combination, because as you know I love neutral colors and skirts are a must in my daily wardrobe. Vote??

My second outfit is kind of rock style. I am really into animal print so I could not miss an animal print item. The key element are this burgundy elastic pants, which are really grunge 😉 Combined with the zebra printed jumnper (essential) and black leather coat, what else? So what’s your vote?

Finally my last outfit. I have realized I do not have some basic items in my wardrobe as black shorts, a bomber jacket and dot blouse. So I wanted to do the last outfit with all this items I do not have and will love to have and see what’s the result. Once more the bottom part is the key part with this black diamond pattern  shorts which are lovely combined with a dotted blouse (mixing prints) and a black bomber, girly but trashy at the same time :). Vote?

Start voting for your favourite outfit from Handpicklook and get ideas fro your Christmas outfit 😉

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