Chic countryside

Chic countryside-1073-mercedesmaya

Today I have decided to make a Saturday post because I have many many pics still to show you!! For example these pics I took in an ideal house yesterday when I went for dinner with some friends with a very chic outfit for the countryside haha I was wearing my new super psicodellic hexagon […]

Army pallette

Army pallette-1123-mercedesmaya

Once more Monday… it has been really complicated to wake up today after yesterday’s match hehe I was wishing so hard for Argentina to win…! I was looking for so long to buy some cargo pants, and finally this week I got this ones from Nowistyle. I think cargo pants are great for all the […]

Patchwork dress

Patchwork dress-1133-mercedesmaya

  Morningggg!!! After 2 exhausting weeks finally I can relax a bit! I have been really busy since my mum came for a week, we went to Tuscany, then I left for the Martini Terrace party, then to work, the unfortunatelly to a funeral, back to work, back to Bologna, and today here alone at […]

Palms in Siena

Palms in Siena-1085-mercedesmaya

I have been completely out this week, as my mum came to visit me, so I was spending quality time with here hehe. I took her for a trip to Tuscany and we visited Siena. We walked through the city visited the famous Piazza del Campo (what a pitty I cannot assist this year to […]