Fashionable men

Fashionable men -677-vanguardstyle

  In 1930, psychologist J.C. Flugel described what he referred to as one of history´s most remarkable and enduring historical phenomenons. He called it «the great male renunciation» – the moment in history when men refused beauty and took up utility, the moment when they chose sobriety over ornamentation. Since then, the aesthetic regime of male […]

power dressing

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Once upon a time there was a man called Gilbert Adrian. He dressed the ladies of a long gone Hollywood realm where, it was believed, clothes were as powerful as the plot lines of the films being made. Back then, film costumes either supported the narrative of a film or were meant to be spectacular […]

Hijab fashion bloggers: my piece in the daily beast

Hijab fashion bloggers: my piece in the daily beast-664-vanguardstyle

  Most of the women I know are prone to believe that Islam and fashionability cannot mix. Daughters of a Carrie Bradshaw creed, the popular version of contemporary feminism we have grown acquainted with, most of the women of my generation share the implicit notion that female freedom can be effectively expressed – among other […]

Fashion in words

For the past eight months, I have traded sky-high heels for flats, printed pencil skirts and leather minis for skinny jeans, and a rather hectic social life for long, silent hours in libraries and cafés. Like a great many number of females, the beauty of clothes entrances me. My heart races upon the sight of […]

Love confession: The Leather Jacket

Or Intellectual Musings on Fierce Style   In the informal annals of personal style, there is perhaps no other object that can evoke the idea of coolness as instantaneously as a black leather jacket. There´s something about its fierce physicality, some potent power in its velvety shine, and a mystical clout in the symmetries of […]

My latest piece in VOGUE Latin America

Vogue Mexico devoted its May edition to the contemporary female order. It addressed  the variations of power women are experiencing and expressing today.  Fashion and style are central to the ideals of femininity that rule this scheme. For decades, feminist schools of thought discarded fashion as a contriving hindrance on female freedom. For years, it […]

VANGUARD en Colombiamoda

VANGUARD en Colombiamoda-95-vanguardstyle

Vanessa Rosales, conocida crítica de moda y directora de VANGUARD, fue convocada por MSN para producir contenidos exclusivos durante la feria de moda más importante del país. Reseña de un especial con 70 millones de lectores y con visibilidad en toda América Latina. Diario de conclusiones de una crítica de estilo. (Publicado exclusivamente en Fotografía: Daliz Londoño Lemaitre & María A. Figueroa de Speaking in Style. Con el fin de Colombiamoda, quedan en el aire un cúmulo de conclusiones sobre el estado actual de la moda colombiana. La primera, que el único diseñador que posee y ejecuta una verdadera visión de moda en el país es Carlos Polite.

STYLE REPORT: La Supremacía del Vestidito Negro

STYLE REPORT: La Supremacía del Vestidito Negro-93-vanguardstyle

VANGUARD celebra las prendas que representan estilo eterno, atemporal, ese que es identidad, no tendencias. Speaking in Style reporta la fuerza eterna y siempre relevante de una de las estampas más esenciales en el armario de una mujer. Maria A. Figueroa Para nadie es un secreto, la era del SMS vino de la mano con […]